How do I earn money with IQ Option?

There are actually some traders who earn their livelihood with the binary trade. However, this is only reserved for the truly learn more here over professional traders, who have sufficient expertise and experience. Getting to such a point requires a lot of time, patience, education and discipline.

Newcomers should not go with the idea of the binary export trade to become rich within a very short time, because that would be a fatal error and would automatically lead to the loss. First of all, it is important to deal with the theoretical foundations of the binary trade. IQ Option offers an extensive video tutorial with a total of ten practice sessions. Topics such as the trading conditions are explained at IQ Option, but also popular trading strategies are presented. Furthermore, beginners should also be concerned with the technical analysis, which is the basis for killer deal give the successful binary export trade and prevents the trade becoming a mere gamble. First steps can then be made using the demo account, without a financial risk.

Start with the selection of the underlyings. To this end, IQ Option offers over 70 assets from the investment classes equities, indices, currencies and commodities. For the time being, you should concentrate on a small number of underlyings and know their characteristics and characteristics. The following types of trade can be chosen for this purpose:

  • click here to read have Call and put options: This trading variant is offered by all binary traders and represents the classic way to trade binary options. Traders have to make predictions here as to whether the price of a selected asset will rise or fall within a fixed period. If they assume a rising price, a call option is selected. If, on the other hand, a falling price is used, a put option is selected. The run times begin with IQ option at 15 minutes and may vary depending on the selection, but also hours or days. If the trader was right with his forecast, he would get the pre-determined yield of up to article look 85 percent. In the event of a loss, the amount of money used is lost.
  • Turbo Options: The operating principle of the Turbo options is the same as the options listed above. However, the run times are much shorter here. Traders have click this over here now that the choice between 60, 120, 180, 240, and 300 seconds. Since it takes a lot of experience to predict the price of an underlying for such a short period of time, this trade variant is not suitable for beginners.

To minimize the risk, IQ Option offers a kind of loss insurance. This means that a percentage reimbursement of up to 45 percent of the capital employed can be defined when booking a position. Accordingly, in the case of loss, the fixed amount is reimbursed. It should be noted, however, that the higher so at bing the reimbursement is chosen, the more the return will decrease. Nevertheless, the principle here is: to recover something better in the event of loss, than to lose everything.

In addition, IQ Option is also able to oversee OTC trading (over the counter) over the weekend. This option is offered by only a few binarization brokers, since they involve an immensely high risk. This risk tolerance is rewarded with returns of up to 500 percent. Such a return may sound tempting, but due to the difficult course of the course, only professional traders usually trust it. For beginners, the OTC you can find out more her trading is simply not suitable.

What are the biggest mistakes in the binary export trade?

Over time, financial experts have noted that traders tend to make the same mistakes. These include:

High missions and lack of risk / moneymanagement

Each trader must always be aware of the risks and opportunities and deal with his capital responsibly. A risk and management management system, which mainly includes the following rules:

Missing or wrong trading strategy

If out see this site you do not pursue a trading strategy, you can also lose your money in the online casino. It is equally fatal to use a wrong strategy. Be prepared to deal with the trading strategies, such as the trend-following strategy, and create a trading diary. In this diary you write down your strategies, losses and profits. Learn from your mistakes and gain valuable experience.